Monday, September 1, 2014

Black Eyes

So if you face plant on an asphalt driveway, and you're wearing your sunglasses.................this is what you look like 2 days later.  Note - Cliff is giving his best prize fighter/tough guy look for this photo.

My poor honey.  I told him he better tell the real story, I don't want people thinking I did this to him.  The peach cobbler was wonderful, however it hasn't helped at all with his healing, darn it!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

Wow! He looks really beat up. In a few days, he's probably going to be sporting other colors too.

Jennifer said...

You're sure he didn't go ten rounds in the ring? Looks like it to me......

Candace said...

Mr. Squash says are you sure you didn't do this to him? (wink)! He says to get Cliff a big helmet for next time! Seriously, he's lucky he didn't crack his head open! Poor baby from both of us!
Catching up on your posts - the kitchen looks fabulous and the kids - well, they are just so entertaining - but then there is Cliff.....

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh dear... That was one nasty fall that just keeps on giving! Thank god nothing was broken.

Please send hugs to Cliff and pass the peach cobbler!

Hang in there.

xo jj