Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting Ready for Autumn

Do any of you get the American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine?  I do and it had a great little embroidered hanging by Bird Brain Designs (one of my fave embroidery places).  So I did the embroidery and then put the hanging together and put it on my door for fall:

They actually sell an adorable small quilt stand for this little hanging at Bird Brain Designs so you can put it on a side table or coffee table, but I thought it was perfect for my door.

And to add to the Autumn feel (my favorite season), I'm baking some Pumpkin Choc. Chip Blondie's.  If they taste as good as they smell, I might eat the whole pan:

I got the recipe HERE.

It's been a rough and exhausting weekend, but only one more treatment left to go, so I can do it!!  There is a nationwide shortage of one medicine they use on me, so rather than wait till October when it's supposed to be back in stock, I've opted for a different medicine, which is really the same, but a different name.  By this time next week I don't care how bad I feel, I'll be celebrating an end to all of this.  Betty Bladder is really sick and tired of it all, as am I.

For all this Autumn talk, it's freaking 90 degrees out today and won't cool back into the 80's till Tuesday or so.  Normal for us to have warmer days and cool nights so I'm not complaining and I do smell fall in the air.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

The only fall we have in the air is the Pumpkin Lattes Starbucks is selling (and I don't drink coffee). Though today we've had mostly rain and it's rained most of the day.

Love your fall embroidery for your door!

Just one more week and this will all be behind you! I'll be celebrating with you from across the country!

Jennifer said...

What a pretty little hanging! Those blondies do look good......hang in there, just one more treatment and then it will all be over.

Candace said...

Cute wall hanging and perfect for Autumn! I think I can smell the blondies from here, Tammy!

Judy said...

What a neat wall hanging that's perfect for fall! If only the temperature would drop so that it felt like fall....