Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today, Just Because

Today, just because it was grey and sprinkling and cooler, we decided to go to a couple of wineries.  Well we actually intended to go to one, but it ended up being 2 and it was so nice.  It's great to be retired and just head out on a Wednesday rather than a weekend when things are so busy.  The grape harvest is in full swing and this years wine should be awesome, although we won't know for sure, at least a year or so.

Yesterday I was busy throwing this table runner together to put on my buffet (that once belonged to my MIL).

I also took a couple pictures of Scotchie the other day, it's fall and time to sit on Dad's lap at the computer and get his tummy strummed like a guitar.  His eyes will roll in the back of his head and you just know it feels so good.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jennifer said...

That's a really pretty runner! Scotchie, you are a big sook.