Saturday, October 4, 2014

Almost Ready

The house is cleaned and spotless (well for the moment), the groceries have been stocked up and some things are laid out with the suitcases next to them.  I think I'm almost ready to travel.

Today, after I cleaned and did the floors, I started baking.  Chocolate Chip cookies for the Aunties and a separate batch for CR.  I made the dough ahead of time - I find that Choc Chip cookies, well most cookies bake best when they are at least refrigerated, or in this case, made ahead, formed and then frozen till I'm ready to bake them.  So this week I made them ahead, popped them in the freezer and was ready for weekend baking.

Years ago I re-wrote my Grandmas recipe to be a batch and a half, no sense in making less and each time I mix them up I get 70+ cookies.  If I'm going to heat up the oven, then I'm going to make a lot and once baked they freeze well.

Wow the house smells so good right now!!  I'm so on top of things that I mailed a card and with a gift card out to our Grandson for his 12th birthday on Tuesday.  His Mom told me today that he and 3 of his friends went to a movie this afternoon and then will all be coming back to the house for some paint ball fun and a sleep over.  Lord she is so brave to have 4 overly active, pre-teen boys running around her house.

Today CR brought the suitcases (one check in, one carry on) into the house for me.  I have a few piles of things to pack by them - it's all a bit mess at the moment, but by Tuesday it will be all neat and ready to go.

I fly out Tuesday around 6pm to Seattle.  I'll have dinner at the Anthony's restaurant in the airport (yummy seafood) and then fly out at 11:30pm - the red eye, to Washington DC.  Once there I'll have time to brush my teeth and get some coffee, then it's off to Norfolk, VA where my Aunties will pick me up at 9:30am and head to their homes in Elizabeth City, NC.  I'm looking forward to seeing them.

So I'll be gone till the 22nd of October and during that time I'll be taking a break from my blog, blog reading, and other distractions like facebook.  Of course I'll call CR everyday and I'll have to talk to Maddie over the phone (she gets so depressed when I leave).  CR will have his hands full with the kids I'm sure.

So take care and I'll be back in a couple of weeks.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Tammy, have a wonderful time and enjoy the time with your Aunties!

Candace said...

We may have to come over and help Cliff eat those cookies while you're gone, Tammy! Of course we can love on Maddie and the other furballs, too! Have a great trip!

Jackie said...

Have a great visit! The goodies look so good I could almost smell them.

Poor Maddie! You'll have to give her some special attention when you get home. I know they'll all miss you terribly.