Friday, October 31, 2014

Fabric Shopping

I was pretty good about my spending while in NC and came home with some money, so what to do with said money - get to the fabric store!!  Sadly there aren't any quilt shops around where the Aunties live, which always shocks me, you'd think they'd have more available than we do.  I mean there must be quilters that live there, what do they do for fabric?  Maybe I'll run into a quilter one day while back there and they can give me the scoop.

So off to the fabric store I went and this is what came home with me:

I found the above fabric for a table runner.  I have this book that uses fat quarters and a table runner pattern that uses 6 fat quarters to make a really cute runner so I'll be making this soon.  I want to put it on my MIL's buffet, I have a lot of blue in that room.

I also signed up for Jacquelynne Steves Sew Simplicity Block of the Month, which started while I was gone, so I had to get the fabric for it, the first block is out and I haven't even done the cutting part yet - I'll be doing that and the first block this weekend.  I think there is still time if you're interested in doing it.  Here are my fabrics:

I forgot to show you my new shoes that I picked up while in NC.  They are Toms and they are sparkly.  I wouldn't wear them for a lot of walking, but they're fun to wear out and about, and I think they're really cute as well as comfortable, just not super supportive.

It's a damp, grey, gloomy day around here, again.  I miss the sun already and I have a feeling the winter is going to be a lot of grey skies.  Oh well, that will make me appreciate spring and summer more I suppose.  The leaves are changing quickly and should be off the trees pretty soon.  Ugh - Raking, but wait, CR brings out the riding lawn mower and mulches and catches the leaves, that's right, we don't rake anymore, hooray!!

I can't believe this is the last day of October and Halloween.  Seems like just yesterday I was getting things ready to go back to my Aunties and now I'm home and it's the end of the month.  I bought a big bag of Tootsie Rolls for goblins who may ring my door bell, however in years past we haven't had many, but it's a Friday night so you never know.

We are home for the day/night, how about you?  Any Halloween parties or plans??

Happy Halloween, Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jackie said...

Glad you guys don't have to rake leaves! What a chore.

We stayed home for Halloween. Greg sat outside and gave out candy and I stayed inside with Cody who was feeling a bit anxious. I thought Elsa would be the #1 costume but it turned out to be Iron Man.

I'd always wondered how comfortable Toms were. I love a bit of sparkle!