Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hey Y'all, I'm back from NC

Wow, is it good to be home.  2 weeks doesn't seem like a long time and it goes fast, but to my little dog and her cat brothers it was far to long.  Maddie was all over me upon my return, the cats however were there to greet me and then snubbed me for several days as I was out of favor with the feline crowd.  Luckily a few days later they decided I'd been punished enough and all is back to normal.

Before I forget, I know I shared all the things I was taking back to the Aunties and they were all very much loved and appreciated.  Aunt Jean really loved her quilt.

My trip home was quite exciting - NOT.  I was scheduled to fly out at 11:30am on Wednesday, our plane landed, people came off the plane, then they announced that the plane had been hit by lightening.  They had to call a maintenance person in and it would be 30 minutes before he arrived, ugh.  From there it went all downhill.  They tried to get me out on Delta, but that was a no go and so I stayed the night at the Norfolk, VA airport Hilton.  I was just grateful not to be on the plane with the major damage from the lightening!  I finally made it home Thursday and boy was I exhausted.

Thought I'd share some photos from my trip, many of which I shared on Instagram (zunibear19) and on Facebook.  So sorry if you follow me there and this is a repeat.

My Aunts live next door to each other, this year I stayed with Aunt Jean.  Aunt Jean has 2 cats:  Sadie and Missy and 2 dogs:  Shy and Gretchen.

Missy (luckily she liked me, it made up for how Sadie felt, haha)
Sadie (she stared at me like I'd murder her in her sleep)
Shy (she barks to go outside, but Gretchen knows she's barking to get someone up to give them cookies, so Gretch goes directly to the kitchen to wait for the cookie.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much, but they try!!
Gretchen (she's a sweetie, but boy does she have bad allergies, also bad gas and snores)
This is the Nicholson House, built in the 1800's it's now a restaurant - a really good restaurant.  I celebrated my 54th birthday while back east, this is where we went, twice in fact and so delish!!
The above pics were taken inside the Nicholson house.  The wood work is absolutely beautiful.

A cotton field near my Aunts house - the cotton fascinates me.

The above pictures are of a couple embroidery finishes I completed while in NC.
The Aunties - Aunt Jean in the pink, Aunt Shirl with her dukes up

Missy the cat helps Aunt Jean exercise in the morning
The Fall/Harvest Jim Shore Angel.  The Aunties bought it for me as an early Christmas present.

This adorable clock was given to me by Aunt Jean for my birthday

I found this for our kitchen at the Cotton Gin

A pen and pencil holder for the kitchen, also found at the Cotton Gin

This adorable night light was given to me by Aunt Shirl for my birthday

Found these adorable Jim Shore figures at a Hallmark - Owl and Cardinal, so cute.
Found this adorable turkey at a Hallmark.  Thanksgiving is my fav holiday.
 It was a great trip, I did some cooking for the Aunties and baked some cookies as well as took some back.  We went out and about a lot and spent some time at home talking, watching some funny movies and just enjoying each others company.

We were supposed to got to DC to take my Uncles ashes to Arlington, but Arlington is part of the government, which never moves quickly and so my Auntie is still waiting on them to give her a date to do this.  I'm bummed as I wanted to help her drive and navigate the trip, as well as to just be there.  Guess it was just not meant to be.

Hope you've all been well.  It's sure turned to fall here and is cool and lately rainy and damp.  How's the weather where you are - is it fall yet??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Lady of the Cloth said...

I missed you. It looks like you had a wonderful time and a great birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, belated.

Life on the wet side is, well, wet. We had quite a wind storm here over the weekend and there are trees and fences down all over. We had some damage to the chicken run, but that's all.

Cats are so funny, our little Heidi is such a sassy snob but she sure gets what she wants.

Take care, Carline

Jackie said...

It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful trip! Lots of interesting pictures to look at in this post.

Glad you're finally in the cats good graces. I know they missed you and were probably excited to see you. But their street cred was a stake!

So sorry you didn't get to go to Arlington. I know your Aunt would have been comforted in having you there.

Candace said...

Thanks for the recap, Tammy! Your aunties look to be a hoot! Glad you didn't have to get on that plane! I would have rented a car and taken the scenic ride home (wink)!