Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just in Time

Just in time for Thanksgiving and before fall officially turns to winter, I finished a fall table cloth.  Since we won't be going to Cannon Beach (more on that in a minute) this year, I'm going to save it to use on Thanksgiving day.

The weather here has been frigid, then the snow and ice made an appearance - luckily it was all around us, but here at home nothing much came of it.  We have a rule that we won't pull the 5th wheel in snow and ice, so we wondered if we'd be able to even get to Cannon Beach.  Then came the call that my husband's PSA was now up to 57, it was taken twice and confirmed that the good result we thought we'd gotten a couple of weeks ago was a lab mistake.  So the oncologist wants CR to have bone scans, cat scans, lab work, etc the first week of December.  That sealed the deal for us in going to the beach, and we canceled.  It's to important for us to be home on time to have those tests done and see the oncologist at this point.  We couldn't risk getting stuck at the coast with bad weather and roads.  So we've rescheduled for March and we'll celebrate our 29th Wedding Anniversary there instead.

I often feel so frustrated lately with people who like to tell others that "well if you're going to get a cancer that's the one to get because usually something else kills you".  Yeah, well in some cases that may be true, but in reality, getting any cancer isn't good, the treatments aren't easy and if you don't know what you're talking about, then don't say anything - please.  That is my rant and I just had to share it.  You see when they diagnosed CR back in 2008 they told us there was a Gleason Scale to measure how aggressive the cancer was.  The scale went from 1 to 10 - he was a 9.  He had a very aggressive cancer and we had hoped that radiation and radiation seeds would kill it.  Sadly he's not so lucky.  If all had worked as we wanted it to, his PSA would be undetectable, but with his PSA rising, the outcome, sooner or later will be that the cancer will show up elsewhere and Prostate Cancer usually goes to the bones.  So that is the long and the short of it.  I don't understand people and their comments when they hear you have cancer, it's like they want to dismiss it or down play it.  I guess it makes it easier for them to deal with or to ignore, but to those that have it, it feels so insensitive.

Okay thanks for listening and trust me none of it was in anyway directed to my wonderful blog friends.  I can't say enough how supportive and kind you all have been.

Here's something else I worked on and finished recently:

I joined the 2014 Kathy Schmitz BOM through Shabby Fabrics.  Each month there is a redwork embroidery project and it comes with all the materials to make a small wall hanging.  This was Novembers project, and it's done and ready to put up for December.

I stocked up on baking supplies and am going to start some holiday baking this next week.  I'm also going to meet my friend Kelly for lunch on Wednesday.  And I'm planning to make a turkey dinner for us this Thanksgiving.  Typically when we are in the 5th wheel we have such a small oven that a turkey isn't on the menu, but this year I figured why not get crazy.  Now I just need to figure out where I can find a fresh turkey.

It's still super cold here, but the sun has come out each day so it makes the frigid temps seem tolerable.  By the end of the week we may be back in the 40's, now that's a heat wave, haha.

Since I don't make a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving usually, I'm curious what side dishes you make, what's your favorite??  I need some ideas.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're getting sun with your cold weather. If it has to be cold, being sunny is so much better than being gray.

Also so sorry to hear that there are people who vocalize that one type of cancer is better to have than another! Wow!

I have to have broccoli casserole for holidays. And homemade rolls. The rest really doesn't matter! :)

Jennifer said...

You can send us some of that cold weather, it would be welcome! Hugs to you and CR, just take each day as it comes, my friend.

Prairie Stitcher said...

Gosh. These are hard things to think about and thousands of times more difficult to face. Sooner or later we all face hard things, usually. I don't understand people, sometimes, what they say. They just really ought to quietly contemplate walking in someone else's shoes for a bit and, after that, just continue on quietly (ahem, with mouth closed). If I could, I would save all my friends from life's challenges, I really would, unconditionally. But God doesn't do that. He lets us have our challenges, most of the time. And it's just plain hard. So, I send you two my prayers of healing and, if not that, then comfort for the long day and the dark night. And some tears, too, because I can't do more.....but send a little love and a virtual hand to hold... Dang. A friend of mine quotes one of her mom's sayings: "Life's grand, if you don't weaken." (she was raised in a soddy in eastern Colorado). Please keep us posted. I love your sewing. The projects look beautiful. Kathie