Friday, November 28, 2014

My First Turkey

This Thanksgiving I made my first turkey dinner.  I know I'm a bit old to just be making my first, but we've spent the last 32 or so years at Cannon Beach for Thanksgiving and a 5th wheel oven is not big enough for a bird.  So this year I made a turkey, dressing, gravy and brussel sprouts and I bought the cranberries.  Here's a look at our table:

All set with my beautiful Autumn Angel that the Aunties gave me for my birthday.
Gravy - I was so afraid of making gravy - turns out its so easy and mine turned out lump free and super tasty!

Ahhh, my beautiful bird - it tasted so good.
So tell me was your Thanksgiving as wonderful and relaxing as ours? 
Today we've just stayed at home, neither one of us is a fan of black Friday and the insanity of the shoppers.  So we have had a lazy and relaxing day.  I made turkey stock with the carcass and wow, you should smell my house.  It smells so good in here I could just pour a cup of the stock and drink it.  But I'm saving it to make a turkey soup tomorrow.  I've also gotten my dusting done so that I can decorate for Christmas tomorrow.  I can't wait to put my new nativity out.
Hope you are relaxing and enjoying your day.
Happy Stitches and hugs.................Tam


Jennifer said...

Oh - that turkey looks good! I like your pretty table too.

Sweet Tea said...

What a beautiful bird!
I would never have guessed this was your "first".

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Believe it or not we had 28 people come for Thanksgiving and we had no power because of a snow storm! The turkey was brought o my daughter's house at 5:30 am and cooked there as she had power. The side dishes that everyone brought got warmed on the gas barbecue and we have a wood stove so the house was warm. It was wonderful and everyone arrived with a good attitude. It will be one we will never forget. Just got our power back last night.

Candace said...

If I didn't know better I would say you've done many a turkey, Tammy! Congratulations on a magazine perfect bird!