Sunday, November 2, 2014


This past week has been damp and grey and gloomy, so it's no wonder that today I feel on top of the world - the sun is out!!  Nothing beats a good dose of sunshine when you haven't seen it for a while.  The temps aren't bad - upper 50's and while cool, not to cold if you're in the sun, but in the shade you need to put a jacket on.

Look at the sun and the blue skies, even Miss Maddie has a spring in her step!!

Those leaves won't be on our tree for much longer.

We have about a half acre behind our garage where we've planted Fire bushes and Arborvitae for the quail

There are also a couple of good sized Dogwood bushes too

My girl scarecrow in a flower pot - sadly all the flowers are gone till next spring
(that's Rascal looking out the screen door at me)

And on the other side of the steps - the boy scarecrow.
Inside we have Tom Turkey out.  I still can't believe it's November already.

Tom is one of my favorite fall decorations.  I love a cute turkey!!
We survived Halloween with only 3 trick or treaters.  Luckily they all came at the same time and then it was a peaceful night.  Maddie was not happy about them, all dressed up weird she felt it her job to rush the door and protect me.  So I couldn't give the kids treats till CR had collected the fierce doggie from the door, haha.
A little less than 3 weeks and we'll be headed to Cannon Beach for our annual Thanksgiving trip.  Wow this year has flown by for me - how about you?? 
Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Sweet Tea said...

Fall looks so pretty at your house. Gorgeous tree and shrubs. Looks like you're all ready for Thanksgiving!

Candace said...

It was nice to see the sun, even if it was brief, Tammy! Just love those fall colors! You always have such adorable decorations for each season!

Candace said...
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