Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

It's Veterans Day and it wouldn't be right not to mention my Hubby's service in the Air Force, my Uncle's service in the Marines and also my Auntie's service (as well as her husband) in the Marines.  Lots of wonderful people in my life who have served their country and their sacrifice is much appreciated.

Something I have to admit - I WAS an iron snob.  Yep I used to pay way to much for irons that promised to be the be all and end all of fabulous ironing.  My last "fabulous" iron was the Oliso, which I loved because when you stopped ironing would spring feet so you didn't have to up end it like most irons.  Sadly though, it leaked like the rest of them usually do.  So I've had it paying good money for products that don't keep their promises.  I saw a conversation on Instagram about this same issue and someone had purchased a Sunbeam Turbo pro that did an excellent job with steam and gliding on the fabric.  So with my Oliso leaking, I decided to shell out 32.00 and get the sunbeam.  Wow, it is a steam machine, glides so nicely and heats up like you can't believe.  I know wonder if my Oliso ever truly heated up as it should have.  When it starts to leak I won't feel bad tossing it and buying another, because I believe all irons over time leak and if I don't pay a fortune for them then I won't feel so bad about it!!

I found it on Amazon and because I have Amazon Prime, the shipping was free.

I also finished my first block in the Jacquelynne Steve's BOM and I think it turned out pretty cute.

The center block is a choice of a floral material, applique or embroidery.  I decided to embroider it because I just wasn't in the mood to applique.  I just noticed I need to redo the blocks with the yellow - someone sewed them on wrong, oy vey!!

I also finished another owl block today.  I'm having fun with these blocks, but they call for a lot of chain stitching which wasn't working well with my arthritic hands.  My friend Candace as Squash House Quilts mentioned to me that back stitching would work to and look just as nice - what a wonderful suggestion, much easier on my hands:

I decided that my hair was looking so dull and ashy and needed some life, so I'm back to coloring it.  Praying that the color holds well because the natural black and silver look was really bringing me down.  So we shall see in the next few weeks how it does.

I got a cortisone shot in my right big toe yesterday, wow, it hurts and that toes doesn't like weight put on it yet.  The last shot I got lasted 10 months and hey it's helping me avoid surgery, so if this one lasts as long I'll be very happy to go through a few uncomfortable days and nights.  Speaking of arthritis and pain, my right ring finger arthritis has gotten to the point of being so painful I hurt just thinking about touching it.  So last week I talked to my orthopedic surgeon about putting a pin in it.  The joint is trying to fuse, but it's not fused yet and the pain is out of control.  So a pin in it will help it to fuse immediately and stabilize it.  I've had 3 other fingers pinned to force them to fuse when after a year of severe pain I couldn't take it anymore.  It was a good decision before and I'm sure it will be a good decision again.  I do try to let nature take it's course, but sometime she need some help.  Should be having that done in mid-December.

It's cold as can be here - our highs might get to the mid-30's and the nights into the teens.  Yikes, that is to cold to early for us.  And the weather man is calling for snow, good grief!!  What's the weather like in your neck of the woods??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Your embroidery is coming along beautifully! Funny, isn't it, how excited we can become by a household gadget?

Jackie said...

I like using a small sized iron and have it set up next to my sewing machine. I've been using the Rowenta but after two smoking and sputtering, I need to find an alternative. I don't use water in mine. I have a spray bottle handy. Finding a good reliable iron is not easy! If I need to buy another big one, I'll be certain to look at this one.

Our weather is mild and the humidity isn't bad. It's not sunny though and that's a real bummer!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Tammy,

No grass growing under your sore toe! You've been busy and your needlework and quilting is lovely, as always.

I finally gave up and bought a cheap iron at the drug store. It's a no-name brand and the best one EVER for about $19. Not sure how long it'll last but it does the job.

I hope you and CR are resting and recharging your battery. I'm thinking about you both.

xo jj