Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey's - Who Knew

So being that I just cooked my first Thanksgiving Turkey, I just have to say, who knew you could do so much afterwards with the meat, the carcass, etc.

The day after Thanksgiving I boiled my carcass to make stock.

The next day I made 2 different soups, one was a curried turkey & rice soup, the other was just a regular turkey soup with noodles.

Curried Turkey Rice Soup - boy was it delicious!!

Regular Turkey Soup with Noodles

Then last night I made a turkey pot pie with the rest of the leftover turkey and I used the left over dressing, added an egg and moistened it a tad, then shaped it into a round, when I had the pot pie put together, oh and it also used the left over gravy and some stock I saved, I put the stuffing on top and baked it for 30 minutes.  Wowzer, it was the bomb!!

Today we had to go to Costco.  I hate going to Costco this time of year, but thankfully it wasn't to bad and we got in and out quickly.  It can be a real zoo this time of year.

Then I went to a couple other stores where I found this adorable snowman cookie jar:

I love that he's not Christmas colors so I can keep him out for the winter.  Now that I have my new kitchen I have room for things like this and it's fun!

I also decorated for Christmas this past weekend and I'll show you some pictures later.  So when do you decorate for Christmas??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Oh wow - your soups look so good! Love that cookie jar, too. I haven't even thought of starting to decorate yet, perhaps one of these days.....

Jackie said...

The soups look really good and the leftover pot pie sounds delightful. If you'd had some left over gravy, i probably would have worked in the pot pie too!

Our tree is up but undecorated in the living room. I have a potted tree in the dining room. It has pinecones and red berries on it so I'll not add much to it. The good thing is that my shopping is in good shape!