Friday, January 16, 2015

A Second Christmas

The other day I received a big box from my Aunties filled with lots of beautiful goodies.  A gift store in their area that we all loved was going out of business and things were half price and many great deals and they sell Jim Shore, so guess who scored some awesome Jim Shore pieces - yep, me, the Aunties are far to good to me.  Take a look:

So gorgeous and everything but the Santa's and the Scarecrow are out.  I always keep all my Angels out and the Snowman is perfect for this time of year too.  Check it out:

Woodland Snowman and Woodland Angel by my picture of CR and Maddie

Pretty Angel is by my chair

The cornucopia is so gorgeous I had to have it out, I don't care if it's not autumn

Isn't the little watering can to cute.  It might move around a bit, but for now I like it here.
Can you imagine getting a box like this.  It was so much fun to unpack everything and even CR said it was like Christmas again.  He supports my love of everything Jim Shore.  He's a good man.

Speaking of CR, except for fatigue he's done really well after the infusion and for that we are grateful.  We don't go back till next Friday for round 2, so he's just taking it easy.

I've not been feeling well, CR thinks it's the flu, but I don't have a temp, so I'm not sure about that.  Whatever it is has my intestines in major distress and pain and I have a horrible headache.  Since I don't get headaches except for rare occasions, it's horrible, but nothing compared to headaches people suffer from at all.  I'm whining.  But it is day 4 and I'd like things to settle out already and return to the regular scheduled programming.

I haven't even been sewing or doing embroidery.  I did go to the dentist on Wednesday for a crown, came home and the stupid temp crown broke off, had to return to the dentist for another temp.  Ugh, if the darn thing breaks off again I am not going back.  Currently one corner has broken off but the rest is still there.  Now how'd that happen.  I've been living off of mostly liquids and some greek yogurt and a banana or two.  I don't know how any of those could break a temp crown, but it did.  Oh and speaking of not eating much, do you think I've lost a pound, heck no, not even an ounce, what gives.  Pain, torture, hardly eating and still not a pound lost after 4 days.  I can't believe it.  My body must really love it's fat and is hanging on for dear life.  Sorry, that was more whining, huh.

Any plans for the weekend?  My plans are to clean house, grocery shop and hope that this bug goes away.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

How lovely......what a wonderful surprise!

Judy said...

What a great box to open and enjoy!! I hope that you're feeling better soon.

Carline said...

Wow, I want your Aunties to adopt me. I got my first Jim Shore for Christmas this year from son and DIL. It is a beautiful angel and I just love it.
My Son and daughter in love in your town have the acutal flue, respiratory stuff and the dr says that people are taking 12 days to feel better. He said he hasn't felt that miserable for a long time and now her kids are getting it. Nasty stuff and I guess the flu shot isn't covering that strain of flu. Take care of yourselves.