Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bird Watching

The feeders are full and the boys are chattering and watching the birds and everybody is mesmerized at our house.  First up we have Chanceman, he's watching from a distance and hasn't a clue I'm even around and taking pictures

 And then Rascal jumped on the table I left bare for them to bird watch.  I wish you could here the chattering sounds he makes - Chance does it so quietly you can only see his mouth move, but Rascal is vocal.

 The last picture of Rascal looks like he's looking back at Chanceman like - hey did you see that?  So cute.

Then there is my little quiet introvert Scotchie, he was in the bedroom on the headboard watching.

 Apparently he got tired though and came into the living room to take a nap on his Dad's computer chair.  It's the best and most popular seat in the house - poor CR.  I just love this little guys soulful eyes and his little pink nose.  I really shouldn't call him a little guy, he's 18+ pounds and even though he's been on weight control food (they all have) for several months now, he's still holding his 18+ pounds.  Chance actually lost some weight and is now a petite 15 pounds.  Rascal is around 15 pounds also.  Tiny little guys, aren't they, hahahaha.

I'm off to the Dentist in a few to get my crown on and again it's a grey, dark day which makes me want to just stay home.  At least the morning fog has lifted. 

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

What lovely pics of your boys! Perhaps they think the view out the window onto the feeders is "kitty television"?

Judy said...

Aren't cats cool? They have such distinct personalities. We're supposed to put one of our cats on a diet and he just eats more of the low calorie food ;-) I don't blame him, I feel like doing the same!