Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This past Friday and Monday, Cliff had his second round of them taking white cells and then super charging them at a lab, then infusing them back in.  Poor guy was so sick with flu symptoms yesterday he just stayed in bed for the most part.  The animals were very confused by this because Cliff is never sick and this wasn't the normal routine.  Today, he is back to himself and the animals won't leave him alone, even while he's on the computer trying to catch up on news, etc he is surrounded by them.

Nice to be loved but it makes doing computer stuff a bit difficult.  He's a very patient man and just pets the boys and talks to them.  Eventually Chance (half on the keyboard) got bored and left. 

I don't think I posted anything last week because I was sick with the real flu and had nothing much to say.  Thankfully I was better by the time it was time to go to Spokane for Cliff.  I did make a fabulous Tortilla soup on Thursday last week though and forgot to share the picture.

I got the recipe here.

I also got some of the fabrics for the pattern I posted to make a king size quilt for our bed:

I still need to get the light fabrics and the border fabrics, but this is a good start.  I might have what I need in my stash for the light fabrics, I haven't looked really, but I'll definitely have to buy the border and backing fabrics.  Which means a road trip to Portland and Fabric Depot is in my future on one of their 35% off sale weekends.

It's been so grey and foggy and misty around here, I'm about to go to a tanning bed to see some sun.  This is when winter starts to get to me.  It's a boring month, nothing going on with the holidays over with, the ugly and depressing weather, ugh.

That painful cortisone shot I got in my hip was working pretty good till the last couple of days.  I have a feeling a hip replacement is in my future, possibly sooner than I'd like.  I told CR that when they cremate me there will be a huge amount of metal parts left over - oh look that's a knee and a couple of hips, hey is that a spark plug? 

We are looking at getting a new car.  Our Camry is wonderful, but it's a 2007 and has front wheel drive.  I won't drive it on bad roads, it's all wheel or 4 wheel drive for me.  So we are looking at a Subaru Outback.  CR's brother has one and they love it - we like it too and it's a very comfortable car, sits a tad higher than a regular car and of course the all wheel drive feature.  Also we'd like to have the back up camera, that wasn't a feature on the cars in 07, oh and the feature that warns you if someone is in your blind spot.  There are so many great features on cars now days.  My Aunties new car has it all and then some, I loved it.  I think hers is an Impala, in NC she doesn't have to worry so much about snow and a lot of bad weather driving.

This weekend is the super bowl, we'll be here at home rooting for the Seahawks and having chili for our game day dinner.  Personally I watch for the great commercials, but I do enjoy the game too.

So what will you be doing, if anything, on Super Bowl Sunday and who will you cheer on?

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

It's Super Bowl Monday here, because of the time difference! And no, I don't think I will be watching. Subaru Outbacks are very popular here too, you know. Best wishes to Cliff for his treatment - glad to see the kitties are keeping an eye on him.

Prairie Stitcher said...

We're rooting for the Seahawks but going to church and recording the event. We don't watch sports on Sundays but we do watch college football throughout the season and enjoy it very much. I have to teach the little ones this week in our primary program so must be there, no matter what. Yeah, how about this weather? No frost for the last week or so and dreary as can be. Nothing to do for it but.....SEW. So, I'm starting a new project too. It's the best thing. Stay well, you two, as much as possible.....sending a prayer your way. Hugs, Kathie in Odessa

Judy said...

I'm glad to hear that Cliff is feeling better. I love that first photo :-) Your pets know when you're feeling down and circle around you to try to help. I like the fabric that you've chosen, that will be an awesome quilt! Well, if we have a snowstorm come in, we'll be skiing, not watching football. Hope, hope. Good luck car hunting, we see a lot of Subaru vehicles here in Boise.

Jackie said...

Cliff doesn't seem to mind one bit!

I'm not much of a football person so I looked at this more like a football game at the Katy Perry concert versus the other way around.