Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Weatherman Got it Right

The weather man got it right this time and we woke up to snow on the ground, and not just a dusting, but some actual coverage.  Still it's not a lot, which I'm grateful for.  That said I took these pictures from the windows of our warm house, no sense if freezing to get a picture, right!

I took the Christmas decorations down yesterday.  I always enjoy putting them out and discovering all the pretty stuff I have that I forget about through the year, but putting it all away is such a chore.  Plus you have to dust and vacuum, ugh.  But that's done now, so onto other things.  When I put the one living room that we don't use much back together I decided to put the larger coffee table up to the one window.  Our bird feeder is out that window and the cats have really been enjoying "bird TV" as I call it.  Rather than to have things knocked down, I decided they could have the table all to themselves for bird watching.

They seem really happy about the changes, so it was a good rearrangement.

On Friday while I was out to grocery shop and run errands I stopped by a favorite fabric shop and found some really pretty fabrics to make a nice and larger table cover for the bird tv table:

I also found a couple of stash fabrics - all of it was $6.00 a yard, now that's a good sale:

I also worked hard on Thursday cutting out millions (well not millions, but it felt like it) of 3&1/2 inch and 3&7/8's inch squares for a new lap quilt with a new pattern.  I started sewing it yesterday after all the house work, but the pattern confused me and I needed to ponder it and also my right hip is going bad so it was aching from all the house work, so I gave up and embroidered instead.

And look what came in the mail yesterday - my February block of the month:

This coming Friday we go to Spokane to start CR's treatments.  Poor guy has been a bit nervous and hasn't been sleeping well, but last night that changed and he got a good nights sleep.  I hope once the first go around is over he can relax a bit as he'll know what to expect.

So how is your New Year so far?  We went out to dinner with friends on New Years Eve and then crashed about 10 that night and only woke up because of the neighbors fireworks.  Then for New Years Day my wonderful hubby put together his delicious lasagna for dinner - YUM!!  Now to get through his treatments and the 2 most boring months of the year in my opinion.  The grey days are getting to me and I'm more than ready for spring.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

We had a nice quiet evening at home with the pup. Quiet except for the neighbors fireworks (which are illegal). Thankfully not a lot of debris in our yard.

Good idea to just leave the area clear for the kitties. It's so fun to watch them watch something anyways!

Judy said...

Wow, you've been busy! Congrats on your nice fabric finds and best wishes on your new quilt. We went skiing and just had a fun day :-)