Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cannon Beach

Back from Vacay and all caught up.  We were so stressed when we left here, but we knew we needed some time away.  I was able to get the speciality pharmacy to overnight the new cancer meds for CR to our location in Cannon Beach so he started them the day after we arrived.  However it was not to be an uneventful trip.  We'd been there about 4 days when I learned my Aunt Shirley had a stroke, and was taken 90 minutes north from her home to a Norfolk, Virginia hospital.  I also learned that a good friend had lymphoma cancer.  Yeah, bad things do come in three's it seems.

So here is where all that is at.  CR is tolerating the new meds well and feeling well with no side effects.  My Aunt has been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and finally we have a diagnosis.  They did several cat scans and said she didn't have a stroke, then they thought maybe a series of seizures, but she wasn't acting right, her speech abilities and reasoning abilities were severely hindered and they made 2 attempts to do an MRI but she would crawl out of the tube.  So finally my Aunt Jean demanded they knock her out like for a surgery and do the MRI and get us answers.  The doctors were wanting to send her to a nursing home and we had no answers and that wasn't going to work for any of us.  Yesterday they did the MRI and guess what - she did indeed have a stroke, the bleed in her brain was to small for a cat scan to pick up and it is centered in the part of her brain that affects speech and reasoning, etc.  Thankfully we have an answer and now for a long rehab.  My friend who has lymphoma cancer has been through chemo and has a clean pet scan, so keeping our fingers crossed and our prayers said, she will remain in remission.

I thought over the next few days I'd bore you with pictures of the beach.  We had some really rainy days and some beautiful sunny days and warm days as well.

Maddie running her shorty short legs off:

Sniffing everything there is to sniff:

Running from the ocean.  Since she was a pup I would tell her the ocean is gonna get her so she'd run from it when it started getting near, and she still does it today at 6 years old.


Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Sheila said...

So glad you had a few restful days at the beach. Sometimes it's nice to have a change of scenery. Maddie looks like she is really enjoying herself. All good thoughts for your husbands new meds. Have a great weekend!

Jackie said...

Maddie looks like she is also in her happy place! I hope your time at the beach brought you some peace.
I've been thinking of you both and wish your aunt a speedy recovery.

Carline said...

Mad die looks so happy! I am glad you got a little R and R and good weather to boot! I spent a few days at my sons in West Richland and boy did the wind blow while I was there. Welcome home

Judy said...

What happy photos of Maddie! She looks delighted about being able to run around and enjoy the day. I'm so sorry about the bad health news that's come your way.