Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Line UP

The other day I found this in our bedroom:

It was a cat line up, waiting for the sun to come around and warm them up.  They are so funny and lazy, boy are they lazy.

I finished a lap quilt I was working on.  I was looking around in some of my project totes a few weeks ago and found this adorable pattern, the 2.5 inch strips and fabric for the 2 borders, binding and backing.  I can't remember buying it, but I loved it so I put it together, now I just need to get busy and quilt it.

Since I wasn't in the mood to do the quilting, I decided to put together a panel and matching fabric I purchased at the coast about a year ago.  I made it a wall hanging and while simple, I really like it and it makes me think of Cannon Beach.

This is the backing fabric.

So that's what I've been up to.  Last week with the holiday I believe my brain took the week off and things I was supposed to get done didn't happen.  I didn't get my Aunts new wall hangings boxed up and out to them.  So to make it up to them I baked both chocolate chip and Amish sugar cookies to send along.  I almost dropped the ball in calling the specialty pharmacy to get CR's meds ordered and overnighted to us.  I freaked out when I realized that Wednesday night so I was up at 6am Thursday (9am back east) to get that ordered and the meds arrived Friday afternoon.  Hopefully my brain will engage and be present this next week as I have a lot of things to do.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Monday, May 25, 2015

Lessons On Being A Rascal

When you are a Rascal, or Razzy as he's called around here (also stinky man, no-no, you get the idea), you are always up to something.  There are things that your brothers would never think of doing - like for instance playing with something you shouldn't and it makes a loud banging noise that wakes your mom up at 5am, or jumping on her stomach when she is trying to sleep.  He definitely lives up to his name.  Today, after the early morning shenanigans, he spotted the dryer door open and decided to hop in.  There are the woolies dryer balls in there and hey - who doesn't love to play with balls.  This little man is always busy and always up to something and always makes me laugh!!

We are having our friend Ken and his dog Gracie over for dinner today.  It's 81 degrees and a nice day to eat on the deck before it gets to hot around here.  I'm making a Rhubarb pie for dessert and Cliff is grilling a tri-tip to go with an arugula/watermelon/mint/feta salad.  It should be delicious.

Hope you are enjoying this Memorial Day Holiday and remembering all the brave men and women who've given their lives for our Freedom.  God Bless Them!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Rhodie

It just gets bigger and more beautiful with each passing year!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to those in the States.  Hope you have a fun time and stay safe.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Slow and Steady

This has been a slow week, seems like all I do is get massages and go to the chiropractor and this week I added get x-rays to the mix.  Now don't get me wrong I would never complain about a massage and I have the best massage therapist, but when you hurt and need to go, it's just not as much fun.  I'm having a lot of trouble with the left side of my neck, my collarbone, shoulder and weakness in my left arm.  Can't wait for it all to be over with.

So anyhow last Sunday I saw this Strawberry Yogurt Cake on Facebook and on Monday I made it for Cliff.  Oh he loved it and I must say it was delicious.

Maddie had her day of beauty this week.  Although she didn't appreciate it, she, as always is a good girl for the groomer and she looks so pretty after a bath and haircut.  Well I think she's always pretty and she is such a sweet girl. 

I finished the quilting and binding on my Aunties wall hangings this past week.  I posted pictures of them in my last post.  I need to bake cookies and then get it all off in the mail to them this week.

I cleaned house, except for dusting which I need to do this week.  I was going to start it today, but I think my shoulder needs another day, so tomorrow, ugh, not my favorite job.

Sundays are my day to make us brunch and today before I got brunch started I started on a cheesecake.  It's a cheesecake that has buttermilk in it.  It sounds so different and good and then a rhubarb puree on top.  Can't wait to try a piece after dinner:

I've also started something new and fun in the sewing room.  It's a jelly roll pattern and I bought all the fabric for it a few years ago.  Time to work on all the projects I have waiting for me rather than buying a lot of fabric, unless it's for something specific.

Here is a peek:

I didn't get much done today - why - well this character just wouldn't leave me alone, he wanted major attention:

When Razzy wants attention, he will not be ignored.  He goes to the vet this week for his wellness check and shots.  I can't believe he's been our boy for a whole year now.  He is a love bug and sometimes a pest.  He is just adorable and he's my boy!!

So what have you been up to?

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wall Hangings for the Aunties

I've had the embroidered squares done for quite some time, but so much has happened that I just didn't have the time/energy/patience to sit down and fussy cut the corner stones and put these wall hangings together.  Well between yesterday and today, I got it done and they turned out so cute.  Hopefully I'll have them all assembled by the first of next week so I can get them in the mail to North Carolina.

Kitties are for Aunt Shirl

Doggies are for Aunt Jean
I can't wait to finish them and get them sent out.  I know my Aunties have been waiting so patiently for them. 

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Monday, May 11, 2015

Springtime Around Our Yard

Thought after the last sad blog post you might need to see that it's not all doom and gloom.  Our yard and flowers are looking so beautiful this year.  My hubby has such a green thumb and he loves the yard and flowers, they do keep him busy and give him something to putter around with.  My hubby likes to putter and he's always busy with some project or another.

Our Peonies are so beautiful this year and they smell so good:

Our deck is ready for enjoying the outdoors before it gets too hot.  Frogs are out as well as the table:

The swing and CR's 2 bbq's are ready for action - in fact he did a beer can chicken last night:

We planted the buckets on the deck last week.  I like to plant the million belles and this year I also planted a spike plant in each basket.  Both require very little to keep blooming all summer long - which is good because I am not a green thumb:

Our leaf bird bath has seen a lot of action already, and my metal quail family:

A gorgeous yellow rose we planted in honor of my Grandma:

A beautiful purple plant that I never remember the name of but I love it:

Close up of the yellow rose:

Lots of bird activity and squirrels climbing the tree outside of the window keep the boys entertained:

Rascal and Chanceman (they are big boys weighing in at 15 pounds)
Poor CR had to have a tooth pulled this morning.  The root was cracked and starting to bother him.  He's got a mouth full of gauze and decided to just lay down for a bit.  Rest is good!!  We saw his Oncologist last week and his PSA is down again.  We are thrilled because the PSA is an indicator that the meds he is on are working.  Working meds hopefully means that the cancer isn't continuing to grow in other places.  It won't take away what he has, but if it stops the spread that is good for us!We'll see the Oncologist in late June for all his scans.

I'm feeling better than I was when I last posted.  It's hard to hear from someone you care about that their time on this earth is limited.  And yet all of us have a limited amount of time on earth, it's just that we may not know the when and where and why of it all.  So what I plan to do is be a good friend, write, text, call and be there to listen when needed.  This is all I can offer at this point because my Husband and Aunties are my priorities in life right now.  I can only do so much and it's hard to make decisions like this, but in my heart this is the right decision for me.

I'm busy working on a cat and dog wall hanging for the Aunties, a baby quilt for a friend and I've now gathered all the fabrics for the top of a 108x108 bed quilt for us.  Lots of sewing to do.

What are you up to?

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Friday, May 8, 2015

Life Goes On

Oh what a week or so it's been.  A couple of ups and plenty of downs it seems. 

First, about my car.  Ugh, what a saga.  At the end of last week we thought the gal who hit me didn't have insurance.  Then a letter came from her Insurance over the weekend.  Wow, so that gave me hope, but then when I talked to her insurance I found out she carries the minimum insurance required for the state.  Which means 10,000.00 in property damage.  Well she damaged 2 vehicles, one was an older (1992) truck and then my brand new car.  The truck is reporting 3000.00 in damages, turns out my damages are 11,000.00, so yeah that won't cover much of anything.  My insurance will have to cover a lot of the repairs.  Thank goodness I have good insurance.  My bruises are fading away and while I still hurt, it's not as bad and I am getting sleep rather than waking up all the time because I hurt so bad.  So I'm getting better, although slowly and my car should be back in 3 to 4 weeks, as they ordered the parts yesterday.

We went to Spokane this week for Cliff's Oncologist appointment and his PSA is down another 100 points and is now under 200.  Still high, but when he started his medication it was almost 600.  So the meds are working and we are so pleased with that.  The hardest part for Cliff is the fatigue.  It's a side effect of the meds, but the Oncologist said that it might level out and not be as noticeable as his body adjusts to it.  He'll have bone and cat scans in late June.

I have a good friend in the Chicago area who was in remission from lymph node cancer.  Well this week she had a pet scan and the cancer is back.  She has to go on chemo every 12 days until her body can't handle it any longer.  The doctors tell her she probably has a couple of years at best.  If she doesn't do the chemo, only a few months.  I am so sad.  I feel as if I should go visit her one last time, and yet I have my husband that I need to be here for.  I also have my Aunts and my one Aunt is still having a hard time.  So for me if I go anywhere it needs to be to my Aunts.  Choosing is so difficult, but my priorities are so clear to me.  I'm just having a rough time with it all, if only I could clone myself to be in 3 places for a period of time.

Sorry to be such a Debbie downer, it's a rough time of ups and downs and life moving forward no matter what.

Happy Stitches and Hugs!

Friday, May 1, 2015

So This Happened

On Monday I was minding my own business, I'd just had an awesome and relaxing pedicure and stopped at Safeway to get some things.  My light turned green and as always I look both ways because I have this fear of being t-boned.  Welllllll, I got t-boned.  A young gal with a child in her car, obviously not paying attention came out of nowhere doing at least 40mph ran smack into my new Subaru and shoved me so hard that she pushed me into a truck in the left hand turn lane.

No one was hurt bad enough to go to the hospital, but the seat belt clamped down on me so hard that I thought I was having a heart attack.  My left side hurts bad.  My knee is swollen, my chest is bruised and still painful, my hip (and it's a fake hip) hurts and I am having sciatic issues.  I can't sleep at night because it hurts, so I feel tired and cranky.

Here are some pictures:

Her car, once she hit me, she backed up and some bystanders said it looked like she was trying to leave the scene

My Car

As you can see I am slammed up to the truck and the bumper of the truck got pushed so hard that it was on his tire.  They had to use a crow bar to get the bumper off the tire to back the truck up for the tow trucks.

My right front tire is at an angle which you can't really see in the picture.

You know I'm not into violence but right now I'd like to slug this girl.  She gave the police her proof of insurance, well it was bogus and right now my insurance is working hard to figure out if she has anything or if she is an uninsured motorist.  She really has created a mess for all of us.  She had a child in the car and amazingly she and the child were fine, but sadly she plunked him down on the grass and was on her cell phone the whole time after the accident.  I don't get that, wouldn't you want to comfort you child?  Still no estimate on repairing the damage, but on a 2015 car it will be all new parts as there isn't anything out there but new parts for this new of a car.
Well I'm off to the chiropractor and I'm also getting 2 massages a week.  Chest x-ray showed nothing broken so that was good and my doctor did an ekg just to be sure the heart was okay given where the pain was.
Not exactly what I had planned for the coming weeks, ugh.
Happy Stitches and Hugs,