Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Line UP

The other day I found this in our bedroom:

It was a cat line up, waiting for the sun to come around and warm them up.  They are so funny and lazy, boy are they lazy.

I finished a lap quilt I was working on.  I was looking around in some of my project totes a few weeks ago and found this adorable pattern, the 2.5 inch strips and fabric for the 2 borders, binding and backing.  I can't remember buying it, but I loved it so I put it together, now I just need to get busy and quilt it.

Since I wasn't in the mood to do the quilting, I decided to put together a panel and matching fabric I purchased at the coast about a year ago.  I made it a wall hanging and while simple, I really like it and it makes me think of Cannon Beach.

This is the backing fabric.

So that's what I've been up to.  Last week with the holiday I believe my brain took the week off and things I was supposed to get done didn't happen.  I didn't get my Aunts new wall hangings boxed up and out to them.  So to make it up to them I baked both chocolate chip and Amish sugar cookies to send along.  I almost dropped the ball in calling the specialty pharmacy to get CR's meds ordered and overnighted to us.  I freaked out when I realized that Wednesday night so I was up at 6am Thursday (9am back east) to get that ordered and the meds arrived Friday afternoon.  Hopefully my brain will engage and be present this next week as I have a lot of things to do.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Such a pretty quilt - I love it! Love your hanging too, I can see why it reminds you of the beach. Your cats are so funny, they like their comfort like cats everywhere do!

Sweet Tea said...

I enjoy seeing your projects AND your cooking.
You are a Magician with everything you touch!

Prairie Stitcher said...

After years of thinking cats were really just lazy little stinkers, my mind has latched onto a simply obvious fact it never latched onto before. All hunters (like cats, with their eyes in the front of the head) sleep about 20 hours a day and hunt 4 hours a day. They ALL do: lions, tigers, bears, etc. Prey animals (like horses, with their eyes in the sides of the head) watch 20 hours a day and sleep 4; because they have to watch out for the hunters. This should have been so obvious to me so many years does it make me treat my cozy cats better? Well how much better COULD they be treated? Two squares a day, endless noshes, special crispy treats at 12 noon, tidbits from our plates.....I mean, really! Still, I haven't seen a mouse in this house, ever......could it be that the house was built to be rodent-proof and the cats are still, just lazy little stinkers, pretending to be great messy mousers?

Judy said...

I love that cat photo! They look so relaxed and happy. Your quilt turned out quite nice and I like the soft colors that you used. It's so easy to forget things and I know for me, if I don't write something down, I don't remember it. At all. So annoying!
Happy stitching!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Three cats in a row :-)
LOVE the lap quilt-- the colors are so soft and inviting. I'm sure it will go to use.
And the blue and white-- that's always been my favorite color combo!
Hope you're back in the swing of things after the holiday. (I'm still not!)
xo jj