Friday, July 3, 2015

Oncologist Report

If you'll recall back in March, CR's PSA was almost 600 and not only did he have a lot of cancer in the bones, he has suspicious lymph nodes that was way to large as well.  Fast forward to Wednesday and his Oncologist appointment and the great news we got.  While he still has the bone cancer, there is no new cancer showing on the bones.  His PSA was at 80 and the lymph nodes were half the size that they had been.  So the medicine is working and working well.  We were delighted with the news.

Speaking of being delighted, the day before the Oncologist appointment and 2 months and 3 days after the acciden, we got our Suzi the Subaru back.  Wow, it was so nice to drive her to Spokane the next day and she is a pleasure to drive.

Yesterday I spent the day with my good friend Kelly who taught me to quilt.  I made a baby quilt that I bought minky to back it with, then I freaked out at the possibility of it slipping and sliding and me making a mess of quilting it on my sewing machine.  Kelly has a gamil and so we had a quilting day and also went out to lunch.  A lot of talking and catching up.  It was a very nice day.

Lucky me, Rascal gave it an inspection when I got home

A close up of the fabric.  It's for a boy and the nursery theme is woodland creatures.

The back 
Of course Rascal decided he needed to have his picture taken while I was at it, so here he is:

I may be naughty, but I'm so cute it doesn't matter!!
It's triple digit hot here and so for the 4th of July we are staying home and staying cool.  Going to bbq some ribs and just take it easy.  Our fur babies do not like fireworks so we have to be home with them when it all starts.  Everything is so dry that I pray people don't set off neighborhood fireworks, besides it is illegal where I live.  That doesn't stop them, but it should.

Hope you all have a wonderful celebration tomorrow and a wonderful holiday weekend - Be Safe!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Sheila said...

Great news Tammy, you and Cliff have a beautiful holiday!

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Wonderful news on the health front. Can't believe it's so hot out there. Here in NH tonight for our sunset cruise we were all bundled up in sweatshirts. It's a cool Fourth of July for us.

Jackie said...

Yay,yay,yay! I'm jumping down excited for Cliff's results! Yay!

Carline said...

Great news for hubby!
Our neighborhood is like a war zone for a week before the 4th and after from all the fireworks and everything is so dry as we have had such hot weather too. We check our roof and yard for hot debris that flys over. Our dog has to be tranquillized and it goes on way into the wee hours. I wish they would outlaw the big fireworks at least.
Your ribs sound great, enjoy.