Friday, August 28, 2015

Good News

It's been a year since my last cancer check and treatments.  Can't believe that a year has passed.  Anyhow the good news of it all is this - I am CANCER FREE!!  Betty Bladder is in good health and I don't see the Urologist till next August.

Cliff's PSA is remaining in the 40's which is awesome and he is doing well.  His only complaint is that the meds do slow him down and he's having a hard time getting started in the mornings.  But he feels well and looks great and isn't in any pain.

The only other news is that I only have 6 days left of this annoying cast and it can't pass by quick enough for me at this point.  

We are supposed to get rain this weekend and I'm praying for lots of it in the fire areas.  It seems like most of this beautiful state is burning at the moment and something has to give.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Carline said...

Congratulations on your great check up! Now to get the cast in the dumpster and you will be ready to rock.

I am out of town for my 50th reunion from high school. I have never seen so many strangers in one room at a time. I didn't recognize many people at all. I was worried about gaining so much weight and seeing everyone and I was one of the smaller ones. Not to worry! The main event is tomorrow night so this should be fun. I left hubby home with the pets because the last reunion he only wanted to stay about an hour. Party pooper.
Enjoy the good news!

Jennifer said...

That's so good to hear.......and those last six days will go by in a flash!

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Wonderful news! I have my one year check up on my pancreas and its cysts in September. I've been nervous going a year between visits.