Wednesday, September 30, 2015

18 Pounds

Eighteen pounds of an orange cat on your back, a tad heavy, but he's so sweet that you can't get mad, you just pet him and tell him he's a pretty boy.

My Cliff is such a patient man and for some reason Scotchie has taken to getting on his shoulders.  Which is not small amount of weight, but he's so darn sweet and such a shy boy most of the time.  It's nice to see him have this little routine with Cliff.

In other news I've been working on a new table runner for my new coffee table.  I need to get the binding on and then it will be ready.

I love the pattern, so easy to put together - the pattern is called Tankini, odd name, but great pattern and like I said easy to put together.

Tomorrow the boot comes off, you'll hear me celebrating around 11am pacific standard time.  I am excited to wear a "pair" of shoes again and not have to wear this one flip flop that is about the same height as the boot so my back doesn't hurt.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Saturday, September 26, 2015


This has been a year of changes for us.  Some of the changes have been difficult, but we have powered through them and accepted them and kept on fighting.

One big change is my dear Cliff's health.  The meds are working well, but have really slowed him down.  It's been a hard transition for him to face the fact that he just can't go and do like he used to.  Don't get me wrong, he is still doing well, but just not as much.  We have decided recently to find a local Oncologist so that we no longer have to make the 2&1/2 hour drive to Spokane monthly for his appointments and soon we will also move our primary doctor to a local doc as well.  I've found a good Oncologist for him and we should start seeing him in October.

October will bring another change for me - freedom from the walking boot.  Yep, I'll be able to wear a shoe again and do some PT to strengthen my ankle.  It's doing really well and I'm so glad this whole process is winding down.

Another big change - our 15 year old washer and dryer, which still worked, needed work and so we decided it was a good time to get new ones to be on the safe side.  So yesterday we had these delivered and hooked up:

I have to say these are fancy.  They have a steam feature and I actually had to read the instruction manual to learn how to operate them.  Things have changed in 15 years.

Early in September I was busy making 3 of these wall hangings.  I saw the pattern in a quilting magazine and thought my Aunties would like one and I knew I wanted one:

I went to Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago and found this adorable owl - fall decoration.

I just have a thing for owls lately.

Then I thought I'd show you a few pictures I took the other day with Cliff and Chanceman.  Poor Cliff, he'll be on his computer reading things and Chanceman comes along for some attention and then it turns into Chanceman laying down and wanting to nap on the laptop keyboard.  All sorts of wild things happen and Cliff usually has to shut it down to get it back to normal again.  And through it all he is so patient with our animals.

I know I've been missing in action a lot, but honestly there just hasn't been a lot going on.  Life has slowed down and the day to day stuff probably wouldn't be that interesting to share.  I'm just grateful that I have my husband and we can be together and I am here to help him with whatever comes along.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Friday, September 4, 2015

Goodbye Cast

Yesterday was cast removal day.  Boy was I excited, it's been the longest 6 weeks of my life.

This is my happy face on the way to the appointment:

Then there was the freeing of my leg, which led to scratching and a whole lot of flaky skin, ugh!

I couldn't believe hot my foot was still orange from the iodine that they use before surgery.

First order of business was to put my lovely new boot on:

Then make an appointment for 4 weeks.  Right now I have stretching exercises to do and I can remove the boot to shower and sleep and exercises, but for any walking, the boot must be on.  In 4 weeks, no more boot and then some PT.

Next order of business was to return that scooter that I like to call the death trap scooter, because I ran over my toe with it and hit my good ankle on it so many times I thought I was going to kill myself.

Then home we came so I could shave 6 weeks of hair on that leg - I swear it was so long I could have braided it.

Then we went to Costco, okay that part was a bit ambitious and I was sore when we got home and had to ice it the rest of the night.  Today it looks great and I slept like a baby.

The only real issue is the calf, it needs some serious stretching because it was in that cast for so long and it's on the verge of a charlie horse at any given moment of the day or night.

It feels so good to have that cast off.  I can't describe it, but I was starting to feel so closed in by it all and now I can get out on my own and do things on my own and do them much easier too.

Life is GOOD.
Happy Stitches and Hugs,