Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Few New Things

A few weeks ago, while I still had the cast on, my Aunt Jean sent me a picture of these beautiful lamps she found at Hobby Lobby.  I fell in love with them.  At that same time I was searching the internet to see if I could find a new coffee table that was smaller and didn't feel like it took up all the floor space in the living room.  Once I found what I wanted I told Cliff that although my birthday wasn't till October, I wanted the coffee table I'd found online and the lamp at Hobby Lobby, he said that was fine.  So I ordered the table, as soon as the cast came off we went to Hobby Lobby and here is what I got for my birthday a month or so early.

My new coffee table with the new table runner I made
and showed a picture of in my last post.

The old coffee table was a bit shorter and 30 inches square, so almost double the width of this one.
I just love this lamp and now all of us have one because my other
Aunt loved it so much that she has one now as well.  It really is pretty.
I've started some embroidery projects that will turn into wall hangings with a Christmas theme for the Aunties.  And I have some projects in the sewing room that are barely begun that I need to pay attention to and do something about.  It's always good to have some projects hanging out waiting for the mood to strike you.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Carline said...

Love the lamp. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby near.
Seeing Cliff with your kitty made me a bit sad. We had to put our Hidi cat down this week and it sure is hard. We get to love those fur babies don't we.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Tammy, It all looks GREAT!!! And I love seeing your sewing projects as well-- makes for such a lovely, personal touch :-)
Hope you're feeling good.
xo jj

Judy said...

What nice finds!! I love the lamp, it is quite pretty and I know what you mean about wanting a coffee table that doesn't take up as much space. Happy stitching!