Saturday, December 19, 2015


Hello Everyone, so sorry I've been absent.  I haven't been interested in my blog or anyone elses these past few months and I miss it, but something has to give.  My husband is doing well and yet not.  The medicine has given him chemo brain and I've had to pick up a lot more of everything because he just can't.  It's been hard, not just from the overload, but from the grief of our lives changing so significantly and the probability that they will never be the same.  Ah life, it always throws you curve balls, but sometimes you just aren't prepared and you just don't handle them well.  I am so grateful to have my husband with me and I'll do it all if that is what it takes, but I get tired and overwhelmed and feel like I can't do anything and everything or do them well even.

I'll try to be better about blogging, but if you don't see me, well you know that life is busy and I have more important things I must do.

Merry Christmas and big hugs,