Friday, August 28, 2015

Good News

It's been a year since my last cancer check and treatments.  Can't believe that a year has passed.  Anyhow the good news of it all is this - I am CANCER FREE!!  Betty Bladder is in good health and I don't see the Urologist till next August.

Cliff's PSA is remaining in the 40's which is awesome and he is doing well.  His only complaint is that the meds do slow him down and he's having a hard time getting started in the mornings.  But he feels well and looks great and isn't in any pain.

The only other news is that I only have 6 days left of this annoying cast and it can't pass by quick enough for me at this point.  

We are supposed to get rain this weekend and I'm praying for lots of it in the fire areas.  It seems like most of this beautiful state is burning at the moment and something has to give.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I'm counting down the torturous days left in this cast.  12 Days.  That means I have completed 4&1/2 weeks of being in a cast and not putting weight on my left leg.  It is getting really old and really frustrating to say the least.  A little over a week ago they removed my orange cast, took the stitches out and then put on my purple cast:

It's pretty, but it's driving me nuts at this point. See that dark spot on my leg, that cast puts pressure on it and my knee when I use the scooter to get around, man it hurts like a deep bruise at this point. And the scooter, while it makes getting around easier, I have had several unpleasant encounters with it.

It's not easy to maneuver, so sometimes you have to move the back wheels and I've often used my casted leg to push it over.  The other day I did that and ended up banging it into the inside of my good ankle which was already bruised from scooter run ins and wow, I could have cried it hurt so bad.  I had to take 2 days and keep it up and ice the heck out of it.  It's still tender to even touch it, but I can hobble around on it again without pain.  I have to say that while it's handy, if you tend to be a klutz like me, it can give you problems.  Pretty much the whole inside of my good leg, from my knee down is full of bruises.  However, it's easier to use than crutches.

This is a big week for me.  I see the Urologist on Thursday to have Betty Bladder checked for any cancerous tumors.  It's been a year since my last check up and treatments and I know we are going to get the all clear.  That said I am a bit nervous, the exam itself is rather uncomfortable and I keep wondering what the heck I'm gonna do with this leg in a cast - I don't think the stirrup will hold it.  Yikes.  I'm sure it will all work out fine and I'm anxious to get the exam behind me.

Sadly, this cast and trying to kill myself with the scooter are the extent of all the exciting things I've been up to.  I plan to get into my sewing room today and work on some Halloween wall hangings for the Aunties and myself.  It's so smokey outside right now it's a good thing the cast keeps me in the house mostly.  

I saw this map on Facebook this morning of all the fires in our state and it's no wonder we are so smokey.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Package

CR took me to an early morning massage today and when we returned home there was a package waiting by the door.  Our mail lady was early today.  Anyhow it was from my Aunties and it was full of fun stuff:

This sticker made me laugh, not sure where I'll put it - probably on the bulletin board in my sewing room .

2 adorable owl towels - I love owls

Isn't this little piggy cute - oh my  goodness I love it.  It's sort of bowl shaped.

Measuring spoons with a wine theme

And last, but not least an adorable owl trivet.
What a fun way to start the morning.  

Tomorrow I go to my ortho's office to get the orange cast taken off and the stitches removed.  Then sadly, a new cast put back on for another 3 weeks.  I have to be in a cast for 6 weeks and not put weight on it the whole time.  It's been frustrating because doing stuff around the house, cooking, heck even a shower is a major production.  I appreciate the scooter thing I have because on crutches I'd get less done.  But the scooter has it's limits too and darn if it isn't making my knee and shin sore.  I just keep telling myself - only 3 more weeks and I can do this, I'm half way there.

I haven't really been doing much for the past 3 weeks.  Some cooking and baking, embroidery, and sometimes it feels like a big deal just to shower so I count it as an accomplishment as well.  Sad as it sounds.  I'm hoping that removing the stitches will lessen the late afternoon ache that I feel.  I have had to resort to taking a pain pill to calm it down and I hate pain pills.  Good thing is I don't have to worry about becoming addicted to them.

Sorry I haven't blogged much or instagrammed much, just not much to say, show or see around here. Once out of this cast I hope to make up for lost time and have some fun.  I truly need a fabric shopping fix, but don't have the heart to drag CR to the fabric shop - he does so much as it is right now.

So tell me what you've been up to - it has to be more fun than my summer so far.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,