Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Things Are Not Built To Last

Oh the month of March.  It's all about replacing things that aren't built to last.  For starters, there is my knee, although I did get 55 years on it.  Sadly our heat pump can't make that claim.  The darn compressor died.  To replace it would have been $4000.00, which is certainly cheaper than a whole new unit, but...................the EPA phased out the refrigerant that is used in our older heat pump, so it would be hard to find a compressor, and even if we did, if it didn't last very long we'd be in the same world of hurt and out $4000.00.  So it's time for a new heat pump/furnace/thermostat.  I'd rather spend that money on a big vacation or a trip to several fabric shops.  But no, we must have a unit that works, especially in July when it's 110 outside and my menopausal self can barely stand the heat.  I need my air!

So this is the scene in my driveway - we are being installed today:

Because the furnace part goes in what is considered a cellar room under the house, accessed via an trap door opening in our closet, I had to round the cats up and put them in a back room.  Currently someone is body slamming the door to that room and they want out.  I'm pretty sure it's Rascal, he's the reason they are in there because he would be underfoot, down in the cellar and all over the place and think it's all great fun.  I just hope he's not smart enough to figure out the door knob the goof head.

My new shoes came in, they're really good tennies that have a rolling foot bed as opposed to one that bends at the toes.  With the arthritis in my big toe, this is exactly what I need and so I just picked them up.  They are Hoka Brand and the Bondi Bondi style.

They are so comfortable.  Although expensive, I think my feet will be very happy and lets face it to get shoes that are good for my feet at this point I don't get off cheaply.  I pretty much only wear Birkenstock's, Dansko's, Allegra's and now the Hoka's.

Poor Maddie does not like all the construction noise and people in and out of our house.  She's sticking by my side.  She will not like me much this afternoon when I take her to the groomers for her day of beauty.  I'm not sure what is worse - construction or a bath.

Here she is looking at me like "when will this be over":

Oh if she only knew what was coming!

Not much sewing going on, I embroider at night and I have a project that I'm working on, I do have a table runner in the works, but nothing to show yet.  

Thankfully all the coughing and such has subsided now and I can ride my bike without wheezing.  So many people getting the flu and this awful cold that I hate going out for fear of catching it again.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

There's always something needing to be fixed, isn't there? We're looking at replacing a few things, too. Maddie - you will be gorgeous once you've been to the groomer!

Judy said...

Sorry about the bad news, there's never a good time to have to replace something like that. Cool shoes!

Jackie said...

Purchases like that always hurt - it's big money spent in a necessary way not a fun way! So glad to hear your coughing has gone. I'm still hacking but not as much.

I'm still refusing to give up all my cool shoes! I might not be grounded in reality of my 54 year old self but a girl can dream! For a little while anyways....