Sunday, June 19, 2016

Baby Quail

I was looking out the window today and able to grab my camera just in time to capture a picture of the baby quail in our yard.  There is another brood, with tiny puff ball chicks, but they are to well hidden to get a quick picture.  I just love the quail and love that even in the city we have them in our yard.

I'm off Wednesday night to North Carolina.  I am not a good traveler by plane.  I think it's because I practically get strip searched when my metal knees and hip set off the alarm.  I tell them I will, but they still have to do their job and perhaps it wouldn't be as embarrassing if they'd just give me a martini before hand.  I like the bigger city airports that put you in the x-ray scanner.  I know there are a lot of complaints about those, but truly for someone like me, they are awesome!

Oh well once past that it won't be so bad, except I also don't like to fly, but I'll be fine, I don't panic or get sick or anything.  I just don't like it.

Hope you all have had a wonderful Fathers Day.  The fur kids spoiled Cliff and made a nice day for him.  I had hoped his selfish daughter (who is old enough to know better - in her later 40's) would think of someone besides herself and take 10 minutes to call him, but of course that didn't happen.  Cliff has been such a good father and deserves so much more, but unlike his ex-wife who makes demand on her daughter, Cliff doesn't make demands and so he gets forgotten, a LOT.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Getting By

It's been a month since I posted last and my Aunt Shirley passed away.  It's been difficult in that I felt relieved for her passing and the pain to be gone, yet sad for our family.  On my side of the family it is just my other Auntie and myself left and we live so far apart.  Thankfully I'm able to fly there next Wednesday and spend 2 weeks.  I'll help with cleaning out my Aunts house, going through family things and having some quality time with my wonderful Aunt Jean.

I made a wall hanging to take back to my Aunt, this one is so happy.  I had purchased 3 of the kits on sale at Keepsake Quilting in hopes of making one for each Auntie and myself.  Sadly I didn't get them done before my Aunt Shirl passed.

I bought some new luggage for my trip.  If only you could see the tape holding my dead suitcase together so I could get home the last trip I took.  I hope this holds together well.  I love that it's got the 4 wheels - so much easier to handle.  And hey, it's purple, I love purple!

My Aunt Jean and I are crazy for Owls.  I found these guys at a couple of stores I recently visited, and as luck would have it - both on sale.  So I got us each one.

My hubby loves Americana, so I made this wall hanging for him for part of his Fathers Day present.  We just hung it up tonight after I finished the binding.  He's very pleased.  He's been on his new cancer meds for a few weeks now and doing well.  At first he had some headaches and dizziness but that's gone too.  Over all I think this medicine is better than the last as far as side effects, etc.

I've also gotten into Young Living Essential Oils.  Diffusing different oils has made a huge difference for both of us.  I diffuse one called RC at night and guess what I no longer sleep with an asthmatic donkey - snorer.  I'm quite shocked, I kept waiting for him to snore, but I just haven't been woken up for weeks now.  Wish I could tell you my back pain wasn't waking me up at 3am, sigh........

I like to diffuse lavender, cedarwood and RC at night as it relaxes us and takes the stress of the day away.  Lord knows I've been pretty stressed out with all that has been going on.  In the mornings I diffuse a oil called Clarity and it really helps wake me up and get me going.

Lots of oils and I've just started building up my supply and trying different recipes.  When I get home from NC I want to make some lotions and foaming soap.  Should be fun and definitely will smell fantastic.

I hope this finds you happy and well.  Thank you to all who emailed messages with my Aunts passing, it meant a lot!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,