Saturday, April 30, 2016

The New Knee

Well it's been 4 weeks since I had my new knee installed.  I have to say that riding my recumbent bike before surgery has made a huge difference in getting my knee to bend and straighten much faster than the first knee.  As of Thursday, 4 weeks out, I have a 129 degree bend and the doctor wants at least a 120 degree bend.  My first knee got to 128 and it took much longer than 4 weeks.  Of course this knee is different, I've achieved goals much sooner, but I've had a lot more pain and swelling.  That said, I'm doing all I can to be back on my feet to enjoy the spring and summer.

Surgical dressing off and the waterproof bandaid on  - thank goodness for these so you can shower.
2 weeks after surgery, staples out, steri-strips on and boy does it feel good to have the staples out!
This is something they wrap around your knee and leg at PT, it cools like an ice pack and massages too.  It's divine!
And as it was with the first knee, it's a challenge to get those last couple of degrees to straighten the knee out.  So an ice pack and a 3 pound weight work wonders, although it's uncomfortable as heck.  So I do it in 5 minute spurts and it's done the trick!
I have a friend who makes the most fabulous mosaics do an owl for me and it came right before my surgery.  I call him Hooty and I think he is gorgeous!

Cliff's seems to be hiding behind Hooty!

One of Cliff's favorite t-shirts.  I think it's so cute.

Rascal - can you believe he's been with us 2 years now.  He's such an adorable and funny little guy!

Well I don't let a knee replacement get me down, I tried making my first chicken pot pies and boy did we love them.
And Cliff loves this buttermilk cheese cake, so I made him one.  I also made a strawberry sauce for the top.

I found this awesome, all cotton quilt on Amazon for 52.00 and got it for a light weight summer quilt on the bed - Maddie decided to be the model for the picture.  I really like the quilt and it's so light weight so perfect for summer around here.
My Auntie told me she was sending me something and to watch for it.  It arrived yesterday.  It's an owl that is dressed like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I just love it - so adorable and so different from my other owls.

I went to a pop up boutique yesterday at a gals house.  She and her friends get together and sell their crafts and I found these wood owls.  I thought they were so cute and different.

See my beautiful necklace - my friend Robyn sent it to me to aid in my recovery and put a smile on my face - it worked.  It's so beautiful!
So those are the highlights of the past month.  Also a lot of meds, sleeping, pain, drooling while napping and just trying to get back to being me and off those darn drugs.  I have to say I still have to take some pain meds, but nothing like it was and thankfully I can focus and think again.

Well it's time for me to do some housekeeping.  I've done some, but there is more, does it ever end?

Happy Stitches and Hugs,